Come Veeg with me…

A few years ago when on tour, our show was stationed in the same venue for 2 weeks, giving us the chance to get a flat with a kitchen, although the rest of my cast ate meat, they suggested that for fun we would do our own version of the popular tv show, “Come dine with me” and instead we would call it. “Come Veeg with me” were every night for a week we would take it in turn to cook a 3 course vegan meal. This was the first time that any of the rest of the cast had ever cooked a vegan meal! We had a lot of fun, a lot of bad food, and some very good food, vegan chocolate fondue was particularly good! 

Ever since that week, whenever I have cooked for friends or family the term come Veeg with me has stuck, since for so many it will be the only time they ever knowingly eat fully vegan meals. In this blog I hope to keep track of some of my favorite vegan meals, and because baking is what I do best, my favorite cakes!!  


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