A vegan Panettone… sort of…


So the last few days have been full of baking, most of which I will post on here over the next few days, but since the rest of the things I have baked are to be presents I wont post about them until after I have given them, we dont want to give the magic away too soon!

This however was an experiment in more ways than one… firstly I had never baked a panettone, but more to the point I have never tried one either! Having never eaten one before I was not really able to know if it hit the spot, however it was nice, although I think it needs a little refining… that said I have seen some traditional recipes that call for it to be baked over 3 days, so maybe it will never be perfect! My partner thought it was ok, but didnt have the right texture, my father in law said, “It tastes like one of those Italian breads, pan something maybe?” So it must be close to the mark!!

Since I had no idea were to start I used this recipe as a guild, but as you can see it is not very detailed, maybe if you are Italian you dont need the detail, its just in the blood? http://www.vegitalyguide.com/2012/12/24/vegan-panettone/

What you need (taken from the above website)

For the dough:

250 grams of white flour
50 grams of corn or tapioca starch
50 grams of natural cane sugar
3 tablespoons of hazelnut paste
juice of one orange
grated orange peel (1 orange)
40 grams of yeast
one cup of ricemilk
1 handful of raisins, soaked in water

For the chocolate glaze:

100 grams of melted chocolate
4 tablespoons of water
2 tablespoons of natural cane sugar

How to Bake a Vegan Panettone:

Since the website has very vague instructions I did a lot of research into how you bake a normal panettone, and so here is how I made mine… (this is the 3 hour rise not the 3 days rise version!)

  1. Warm the rice milk (or soya milk, I used soya because I had it!) until it is tepid, add the yeast and sugar, set aside.
  2. Combine the flour, corn or tapioca starch, plus the 3 tbsp’s of Hazelnut paste… since I couldn’t find hazelnut paste in any of the shops near me, I used a 3 Nut paste, which had cashew nuts, hazelnuts and peanuts!
  3. Add the orange rind, and orange juice. Then add the yeast mixture.
  4. Mix together and add a little more flour if needed to enable you to knead the dough gently for a few minutes.
  5. Place the dough in a clean lightly floured bowl and cover, leave to rise in a warm place for 3hrs.
  6. Soak the fruit in water.
  7. Once the dough has risen, drain the fruit and knock back the dough, adding the fruit.
  8. Place dough in a prepared cake tin, and leave to rise for another 30mins (Preheat your oven 150c)
  9. Bake for between 30-40mins
  10. Once cool, combine the ingredients for the glace (which is definitely more of a chocolate coating!)
  11. Cover your panettone in chocolate, leave to set, and then enjoy!

Be aware that this didn’t keep very long, it might be worth adding oil to the mix to preserve it, I also might consider adding egg replacer next time, just to see if I can change the texture a little?

Any additional advice on making vegan panettone welcome!!!


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